For context, we worked with Janice while sheltering-in-place, sometime during last June/July. We loved working with Janice and we would absolutely recommend her to any friend who is looking to purchase a home. Here are some of the reasons why: She's approachable, super responsive, and resourceful. She keeps a finger on how hot which San Francisco neighborhoods are at the moment. She can come up with estimated values and when you actually look at the comps, it's pretty much in line with what she tells you to expect. If you're looking at a home and you have questions about how much it would cost to renovate it (break down a wall, add another room, etc), she can give you some quick estimates. She'll tell you what you can get at a minimum price and what it'll cost to get nicer upgrades. She's had experience with flipping houses, getting permits, and the like. She gives you her thoughts, but she lets you ultimately drive the decision on how you want to negotiate. It's great in that she gives you the space to learn how to bid and get a feel for the market. After you bid, she comes back to give you feedback on how the negotiations went. She does a great job of articulating the tradeoffs of what you're buying. Depending on what your future plans are in regards to buying a home (renovating then selling, permanent family home, etc.), she can help you think through how a home will appreciate in value. She's fast, and that helps if you want to lock down a place before other potential buyers enter the scene. If you want to go look at a place, she'll book an appointment quickly and she'll make sure to meet you there at the allotted time. The process of buying with Janice was straightforward, fun, and informative. We look forward to working with her again one day.


I've worked with Janice twice now: once to help me get my first home in San Francisco in 2018, and again for a home to start a family in San Bruno in 2020. Janice has been incredible to work with in both cases. She's incredibly responsive, with a turnaround time of less than an hour in most cases. She's insightful and learns how to predict your dream home quickly; both times I've bought were ultimately recommendations of hers, and they came after only attending 3-4 open houses with her. Her experience with remodeling for a new look or for adding additional dwelling units is extremely helpful as you go forward, and lends to her ability to immediately flag concerns as you tour houses and review disclosures. Her ability to negotiate with sellers and run comparisons will ensure you pay a reasonable price (and she won't pressure you to pay more unnecessarily). Lastly, she's downright fun to work with and brainstorm with! I wholeheartedly recommend her as a partner when looking for a new home and for the ownership lifecycle beyond.


I only wish there were 10 stars to give Janice Lee. At the height of COVID-19, she took us from knowing very little about the market to seeing a dozen properties inside 15 days. We ended up purchasing our dream property with everything our hearts desired. Her expertise and contacts are unmatched. For years, we had assumed it wasn't possible to buy a home in SF because things were too competitive and it was too hard to get our money's worth. We appreciated Janice's availability, constant attention, deep knowledge of neighborhoods in and around SF and her willingness to educate us. There wasn't pressure to act and she helped us turn down several promising opportunities because the fit wasn't absolutely right. She is well connected and her confidence, experience and advocacy was critical during the negotiation phase. Cannot recommend her highly enough.


Janice helped my boyfriend and me buy our dream home in San Mateo! She guided us through the entire process starting from sitting down with us to understand exactly all the specifications we were looking for in a house. Then, she took us out to multiple open houses, where she explained different layouts, traffic patterns, schools, and renovation needs. She also had good relationships with the sellers' agents and was able to give us helpful information. When we were ready to put in offers, she gave us good advice about not bidding too high but finding the right number that would be acceptable to the sellers. We were accepted on our 3rd offer, and we were able to close within about 3 weeks. We just moved into our new home and couldn't be happier! Thank you Janice for everything you've done for our family!


My husband and I recently purchased our first home through Janice and everything went smoothly! Janice came in highly recommended by my friends who recently purchased a home through her and I'm glad that I made the right decision going with her. She helped us come on top over multiple offers and was transparent about everything throughout the entire process. She's very energetic, has a great sense of humor and is quick at responding to your emails and texts, which is really important when you're trying to compete in this crazy market. Go with Janice and you won't regret it!


Janice is a phenomenal real estate agent. She was instrumental in getting us our first house together. She does her research and helped us come on top in winning over the multiple offers. She walked my wife and I through the entire process and always answered my hundreds of questions quickly. She will take care of you and make sure she is completely on top of everything. We had to expedite the closure process since we were going out of the country. With that in mind, Janice made sure everything was followed up on and executed in a timely manner. We highly recommend!


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