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5 Reasons Why the Bay Area is a Great Place to Live

5 Reasons Why the Bay Area is a Great Place to Live

You’ve probably seen the Golden Gate Bridge a dozen times on postcards, movies, and your friends’ display photos nevertheless, it can still take your breath away. Well, it isn’t the only thing in the San Francisco Bay Area to appreciate. In fact, you might realize that other than being a cool summer spot, it’s actually a great place to live. So we are going to walk you through some of the reasons why you should consider the Bay as your next home.
1. It champions the arts, culture, and food
Art aficionados who love diving deep into the culture will certainly enjoy the Bay Area. To start with, it’s lined with museums ranging from science to visual arts like the Golden Gate and the de Young museums. On your routine trips to these places, you’ll also encounter striking street art, because San Francisco is actually ranked in the top three US cities for murals.

SF is for people who take dining experiences seriously, too. In 2019, Michelin honored three-star ratings to seven restaurants in the Bay, including gems like the Atelier Crenn, Manresa, and Quince. For the oenophiles, on the other hand, the Bay is also where Napa and Sonoma Valley are, both iconic places you can frequent for the country’s finest wines.

2. The environment is fantastic
There is no shortage of sights to see when you live in the Bay Area. The Flight Network listed San Francisco in the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Among the things that make it so amazing are its array of mountains that you can hike, monuments within old-growth forest you can drive to, and its stunning Victorian and modern architecture.

Apart from being picturesque, it’s also known to have a mild climate, staying within 45°F to 72°F most of the time. With cool summers and relatively warmer and shorter winters, it’s the perfect weather all year round. If you appreciate a good environment, then the Bay Area is the right place for you.

3. It’s a great place to start a business
SF is home to Silicon Valley, which alone has attracted talent and investors alike over the years. The consequent surge in developments has made the Bay one of the finest places to open a startup. What better way to make yourself and your business known than to be near Apple, Google, and Facebook?

It also helps that registering a limited liability company in California is a pretty straightforward process, with many of the steps doable from home. Submitting documents like the California Statement of Information and applying for an employer ID number can all be done online and processed relatively quickly, while filing fees are lower than those in Delaware and other notable business hubs. If entrepreneurship is something you’ve been thinking about, starting a business in the Bay Area is a good idea.

4. It’s easy to move around
Driving through traffic is an inconvenience in most people’s lives. But it isn’t the default in San Francisco. The Bay Area is known to be one of the better cities in the US for getting around without needing a car. You have the option of using the Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART for short, which has multiple train lines to get you to different areas fast. This system, along with other options like cable cars, ferries, and hop-on and hop-off buses, make it easy to get to where you need to be costing only a few dollars. No car, no traffic, no problem.
5. The community is progressive
Despite its seemingly carefree image, San Francisco is actually deeply involved in public matters. San Francisco’s history of activism paved the way for the vibrancy and progressiveness of its community. It has played a big part in rallying for LGBT rights since the 1960s. Today, citizens of the Bay Area continue to advocate for the LGBT community along with other causes such as women empowerment and the Black Lives Matter movement.

With its rich history and culture, picturesque surroundings, and passionate community, San Francisco Bay Area is definitely a land of promise. It ties old with new to create a place that’s not only comfortable or convenient, but is also forward-looking. If you consider yourself a person who likes to experience what life has to offer in the best way possible, the Bay Area is a whole world made for discovering—and living here simply means waking up and being able to do exactly that everyday.