Uncategorized April 4, 2023

9 Steps in Selling Your Home

If you’re in a position where you need to relocate, downsize, or need a larger home, then you need to be prepared for selling your current home.
It can be a stressful experience you might endure. When it comes to selling your home, some things are out of your control, but being aware of these steps can help save you time, money, and headaches.

1. Hire a Realtor®

Hiring a Realtor® with an extensive background can make your process run a lot smoother. They will prepare everything that is needed when selling your home, and most importantly they will be with you every step of the way. Communicate your needs and goals, and hire an agent that you can trust. Hire an agent that can get you the most from your sale through their negotiation and experience.

2. Pre-sale Home Inspection

Uncover any damages or issues on the property. Doing so can prevent any issues that might arise with the buyers and will let you know the current condition of your home. This will provide buyers the confidence and assurance when deciding to purchase.

3. Home Improvements and Not Wasting Money on Unneeded Upgrades

Upgrading your home can separate your home from luxurious to mediocre. But unneeded upgrades can cost you more and they won’t increase the price or add value to your home. Some ideas are fixing damages such as cracks and holes on your walls, adding fresh paint, replacing new flooring, replacing your windows, upgrading appliances, and enhancing your curb appeal as this is everyone’s first impression when they set foot on the property.

4. Pricing Your Home

Your Realtor® will price your home competitively based on the comparables (recent homes in the area that were sold and their sales price) that they research. The comparables can help you estimate the price of your home based on similar ones.

5. Staging Your Home

Showcase your home in the best light. Hire stagers to decorate, add furniture and provide insights on how to paint your home. Staging your home has shown to increase the offer prices and close homes quicker. You want to showcase your home so that potential buyers can envision them living there.

6. Hire Professional Photographers

Having professional photography done can attract those buyers who have not yet seen your property in person. Most buyers are online and their first impression is through the quality of their photos. Leveraging professional photography can be included in your marketing – digital and traditional.

7. Preparing the Marketing and Put Your House on the Market

Find the channels that you want to market your home such as social media, email, your sphere of influence, postcards, advertisements, etc. This will provide additional exposure to your listing to reach a larger audience. Include information about the listing that would motivate individuals to visit the property and learn more. Your Realtor® will schedule open house days and times to attract potential buyers to the property.

8. Review and Negotiate With the Buyers

Has paperwork prepared to provide a smooth transaction? By having the disclosures readily available, your buyer will know property issues upfront to avoid/minimize negotiations.

9. Closing Cost

The sale price is allocated to your Realtor® for their commission. Some expenses that the seller might also have to pay are transfer tax, property reports, title insurance, escrow and closing fees, etc. Be ready to complete paperwork and hand over your keys to the buyers.