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When Do You Recommend Staging

When Do You Recommend Staging and When Is It Unnecessary?

A good stager’s art will capture and appeal to the best possible buyers on a visual, visceral, and emotional level. Virtual staging isn’t enough, and you don’t want to be there for the letdown that a buyer would certainly have when discovering the home they’ve seen online is nowhere like what they imagined.
Sure, hiring a gifted designer and stager to transform your vacant property may seem expensive why can’t I just buy a couch myself you may ask but it is an essential ingredient in achieving a successful sale. Besides, staging is usually all-compassing because you’ll get the couch, the rug, the bedding, the art, and all that moving.
Staging will show people how they can change their lives by living differently and better than they do now. We cannot underscore how important this really is; forgoing staging runs the risk of costing far more than a staging fee with a reduced sale price.
We work many of San Francisco’s best stagers and designers as we collaborate with each of them on paint colors, art, furniture pieces but will also add our own personal touches like fresh flowers, scented candles, and high-end accessories to make a property that much more appealing.
Staging is key to maximizing your investment. In today’s market buyers, even agents, cannot see past a home that is not properly prepared and staged.
First impressions are key. When a home is not staged, buyers will inquire “What’s wrong with the property?” And, “Is this a distressed sale?”
In order to generate multiple offers and get the best possible price for a home, a seller must paint and stage.
Buyers begin their search online. So, in order to get multiple buyers interested enough to book an appointment with their agent the property photographs must shine and entice.
Whether it’s a small condominium or a single-family home, staging is key, and staging sells.
The only time I do not stage is when a client chooses not to.
Earlier this year we tried to sell a home in Piedmont that was not staged. No matter what I said, the sellers didn’t believe it had to be done. It didn’t go well. It took a trial run for the sellers to see for themselves they weren’t going to get their price.
Once we staged, however, we realized their desired price and went pending in 24 hours. Staging is key.
Overseeing design and merchandising for a new homebuilder also includes managing home staging.
Staging is a powerful tool in real estate, and has proven to help sell homes faster, and at a higher price point.
In new home sales, staging is most critical when you have unsold inventory of the same floor plan, which often occurs with great room/open concept floor plans as prospective buyers cannot visualize how they would live and furnish the space.
The pandemic changed many of the procedures we already had in place, and SummerHill was ready to provide a virtual experience to our buyers without leaving their homes. We provide virtual tours for all our designer staged model homes and computer generated virtual staging on our production homes.
Staging allows prospective buyers to experience how the homes lives through space planning, furniture placement, and accessories; which can convey a welcome, homey and unforgettable setting.