9 Steps in Selling Your Home

If you’re in a position where you need to relocate, downsize, or need a larger home, then you need to be prepared for selling your current home. It can be a stressful experience you might endure. When it comes to selling your home, some things are out of your control, but being aware of these […]

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How to Transform a Dorm Room Into Something

How to Transform a Dorm Room Into Something Special There is so much to get ready for when you are moving out on your own for the first time. I remember being so excited to start my journey at the University of Missouri-Columbia (don’t hold that against me, Kansas fans) as an “official adult” (in […]

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5 Unsafe Design Trends

5 Unsafe Design Trends Home Inspectors Wish You’d Stop Doing When it comes to home design, popular trends don’t always heed a “safety first” warning. That’s according to home inspectors the people tasked with inspecting properties for immediate or potential problems. As more homebuyers renovate fixer-uppers or look to Pinterest for DIY design inspiration, home […]

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Should I Sell My House Now

Is there ever a perfect time to sell your home? And should I sell my home now? Home prices have drastically increased since 2020. The question can be subjective and you need to weigh your own circumstances before following the market and crowd. Before making the decision to sell or keep your property, please consider […]

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Advantages vs Disadvantages of Owning and Renting a Home

Purchasing a home can be one of the biggest decisions individuals make in their life. Before deciding whether you want to own a home, check your finances and see if you can afford to buy one. It’s important to see if the benefits outweigh the cost. Even if you can afford to buy a home, […]

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Selling an Off-Market Home

Deciding to list your home off-market means you do not market it publicly for the general market but for a limited audience, such as through word of mouth or networking. When realtors submit the listing on MLS, it gets synced to Zillow,, etc., for thousands of people seeing your listing. Consider the pros and […]

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What is a Title Insurance and Why Do You Need it

Title insurance protects buyers from any issues, such as damages or financial losses of a property. If the previous owners make false claims, this can save you from damages. Title companies ensure that the seller can legally relinquish the property to you. Discuss with your lender what needs to be addressed to ensure that the […]

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If you’re wondering if you can sell your property with a tenant still living in the property, the answer is yes. It might be a challenging conversation with your tenant, but selling is legal even when they want to continue renting or leasing the property. Before starting the selling process, check the rental agreement and […]

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What to Consider when Renovating your Home

You’re finally settled in your home and are ready to renovate for your dream home. Renovations are a huge commitment and can be costly, so it’s important that you have a plan before getting started. Home renovation can be an exciting and rewarding process, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful if not properly planned. Whether you’re looking […]

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