COVID-19 Fundraise

  • 04/8/20
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The Chinese Real Estate Association of America Foundation are fundraising to purchase supplies for our health providers who are low on supplies especially N95 masks. We have sourced vendors and can purchase masks, gowns, goggles and hand sanitizer. 3000 masks arrived already. Purchased 1250 goggles at $5 each, 300 gowns at $9 each, 1200 kn95 masks at $2.50 each. They arrive by airplane within a week. There are surgical masks for $38 a box of 50 (have access to 1400 boxes more locally but not enough funds for them).
Yesterday, nurses have told me their department took all the masks on their floor and told them that they don't need it because there are no cases on their floor (SF nurse). There are others who are rationing and being told to reuse their supplies. I am in direct contact with folks from Kaiser and there is a shortage of supplies and may run out within a week. Another person in Silicon Valley just bought 100 boxes of masks for the hospitals in the South Bay. Chinese hospitals need gowns and masks and other supplies.
We also sourced a vendor for N95 masks but need to order 10,000 in order for them to be shipped. We have a tremendous need at this time. Please share the fundraiser and help if you can.
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